Live Weather

We have dug deep to gain as much weather information as we can so we can fly any site on a particular weather day,

here are some links to help you on your way.

Main weather station for Newcastle

Inland weather station (Lake St Clair-Singleton)

Wind sock information
windsock info 169x300 - Live Weather

Wind Alert (Newcastle),151.806,10,2

Wind Alert Flow (Newcastle),151.796,9,18

Newcastle Willy Weather

Newcastle Winds Seabreeze

Lightning Tracker

Essential Energy Radar

Willy Weather Synoptic…

Willy Weather Satellite…

Windy Tv,-32.966,151.747,13

Wind Radar Forecasts,151.677,9

Willy Weather Rainfall Radar…

Frequency Surf Club And Westpac Helicopter

Manilla Historical Data

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