One of Australia’s largest member based clubs and also one of the oldest, we have some of the most experienced paragliding members around that share their knowledge to help the newer guys excel and move forward in their quest for flight.

The Newcastle Paragliding Club will help you transition from a beginner to advanced within a few seasons. After starting off your first flights with one of our local training schools, you will be on your way to joining our pilots in the air around Newcastle and get to see this town like no one else.

Our Goals:

  1. Promote safety through education and a professional approach to flying

  2. Coach new pilots and continually develop the skills of pilots so they can achieve better results in their flying

  3. Provide a structured interface with relevant authorities to secure flying sites in our national parks as well as Newcastle council and inland councils.

  4. Promote the sport to the public by showing a professional attitude whilst flying

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