• Welcome to the Newcastle Paragliding Club

    Welcome to the wonderful world of paragliding, the world’s fastest growing and most accessible form of free flying aviation. Paragliding is the simplest way to learn to fly quickly, easily and offers you the opportunity to see the world from a totally different perspective. The freedom and pleasure you’ll enjoy from this pure form of flying are absolutely unsurpassed!



    The Newcastle Paragliding Club assists in managing flying sites in the Newcastle coastal area. Also, there are other sites in the Hunter Valley. They are sensitive sites because of airspace restrictions and landowner considerations. These sites offer excellent flying depending on prevailing weather conditions and pilot skill level.
    To fly in Australia you must be a licenced pilot with the HGFA and be financially current with your HGFA membership.
    Log into the HGFA Members page here to check your current membership status.

    International Visiting Pilots

    If you are an international pilot you still require HGFA membership to fly in Australia.Please visit the HGFA website here for temporary membership. It can be done online, so please do this before you fly.


  • Paragliding State of Origin 2019

    Dates : Easter : 19-21 April

    Location : Mt Borah, Manilla NSW.

    For the Novice (PG2), it’s a great way to get into competition and XC flying in a fun & safe way, it’s about the promotion of skills and safely. This competition is based on ‘Flying Crews’ (5 pilot teams, 1 PG5 pilot. & 2 PG2 pilots & then 2 other Pilots), so get your crew together. Handicapping is used for scoring.

    HGFA Competition “C” Grade Sanction.

    Requirements : Reserve, UHF Radio and at least 3 hours XC Flights are required. XC course recommended.

    Comp Fee : $30.00. Register before 05/04/2019 and pay the early bird fee of $20.00

    Register via : https://tinyurl.com/stateoforigin2019

    For more information check out the State of Origin Facebook page

    SoO 19 Pilot Pack


    Peter Beamish on 0416 031 793 or peterjbeamish@gmail.com


    Dan Mckenna on 0432 215 533 or danmckenna101@hotmail.com